From the moment I received an email from Jhen I couldn’t get Tanarimba, Janda Baik off my mind. But at first Jhen came in to ask me questions about taking engagement photos of him and Xin. We hit it off so well that day that they also hired me to photograph their wedding day in Tanarimba, Janda Baik!

As I write this I well up in my eyes because I don’t think I could ever thank these families enough for giving me such a life changing experience, it is something I will treasure in my heart forever, my lives are so much richer for meeting you all. As I say time and time again I feel incredibly honoured to be able to create art for a living but I feel even more grateful about the people I get to meet on this journey.

Jhen and Xin, congrats again! I am so blessed to have witnessed your day! Thank you! Enjoy their story, its a long but special one.

Engagement Makeup : Yuc Makeup Studio
Wedding Makeup: Mimi make up - Veron Woon
Decor : Khareyan Events
Cake : FRUAH Fruitcakes